Missouri Family Sees Bigfoot

From Cryptozoologynews.com: Missouri Family Claims Seeing Bigfoot

“When the truck lights hit this thing, it covered its face with its arm.”

The eyewitness says her elderly mother also spotted the creature a few times.

“She would call me and tell me something was hitting her trailer very hard.”

One time, she adds, her mother said she heard the dogs barking outside and when she came out to investigate she witnessed the creature “talking” to the dogs, as though it was trying to calm them down.

“She stated that if an 800 lb gorilla could talk, that’s what it would sound like.”

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  1. Any bigfoot evidence from Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alaska has to immediately discounted since the mean I.Q. of the residents of these states is about 60.

  2. I agree they are douchebags as well as dumb as stumps.


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