Historical Reports of Wildmen

Check out these historic reports of bigfoot type creatures, also known as wildmen, as read by the Bigfoot Case Files.


  1. The only Wildman I know are Puke Sullivan and Jerry Cline.

  2. If a hunter saw Brian Sullivan on a lonely path in the woods I'm certain the hunter would shoot first and ask questions later.

  3. Oh what a bloody yawn...another limp voice relating a "story"...how utterly boring...

    ...but food for the JokeTomi`s of the world I guess.

    Yawn...`scuse me while I scratch my balls.

  4. Is the Woodwose animal or vegetable?
    C'mon Iktomi what is it?

  5. I would consider the bigfoot from the six million dollar man to be a robot/beast.

  6. Gus Wormer is another Wildman.


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