Close Interactions With Young Bigfoot

From the Bigfoot Case Files channel on youtube comes a bigfoot interaction story involving a person and a young bigfoot.


  1. I agree, they can sense good qualities in humans

  2. 'Gug', yes, so good, 'Gug'

  3. Children and Mattsquatch have much better odds of having a close encounter with BF.

  4. A lot of people claim that some BF have messed up faces, including describing them as looking like retards. Maybe because of Mattsquatch's down syndromevthey think he is A rogue Squatch from another clan.

  5. Utter nonsense as ever from this "bigfoot" blog-site.

    (also frequented by simpletons and idiots such as the immature "Joe" or " Iktomi" type (these are the same poster)who through ridiculous venomous posturing have driven away multitudes of the site is populated by the drivel-driven "Joe" and backed up by his alter-ego "Iktomi" in moments of pressure,which is often and regular.


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