North Carolina Bigfoot

If you're in the Jackson County area of North Carolina, you might want to check out the upcoming bigfoot presentation.

The Jackson County Public Library is Hosting Local bigfoot Reasearcher Jeff Carpenter. This event is co sponsered by the Friends of the Jackson County Public Library. Join Jeff Carpenter, a field investigator for the BFRO ( Bigfoot Field Investigators Organization) as he shares his knowledge and experience from his 15 years of research into the Bigfoot (Sasquatch) legend. Jeff is also a member of the KBRO ( Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization). During his two hour meltimedia prsentation, he will present witness reports, audio clips, video clips, footprint casts and his own experiences. This Presentation is free and open to all ages. Several door prizes will also be given.

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  1. That bigfoot has a camera. Such a perv! He probably flashes people his junk. Sicko!


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