Alpha Bigfoot

From the youtbe channel Bigfoot's Wilderness comes another great bigfoot story.

Camping is something we do for leisure and are a guest in the woods. But some wildlife may consider you a trespasser. In this case , Bigfoot.


  1. I think gifting Khat Hansen hog tied and bound covered in peanut butter may work. Kelly Shaw suggested this at the Honobia conference.

  2. Rene Dahinden allegedly called for Anton Lavey on his deatbed. Dahinden as many of you who are in the loop know Dahinden received an honorary "Preisthood" at the same time Marilyn Manson received his. Dahinden approached the topic using Magick and attempted to conjure these entities. Instead a dogman appeared whereupon Rene panicked and let the "demon" escape. You can thank Dahinden for the Demonic dogman. Dr.J and Dahinden are responsible. Thanks Satanists, thanks a heap. JC Johnson was in the midst of revealing high level pedo rings in the ufo/ paranormal fields when he got "sick" and died. I have heard that he was hit with a dart in the thigh a couple of weeks before he succumbed to his sickness. Coincidence? Perhaps, Jerry Cline seen in the area ? Coincidence? You decide but remember Jerry leaves bodies in his wake...


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