Kansas Bigfoot Terrorizes Woman

A woman in Kansas explains the mysterious events she experienced at her home until she put the pieces together after spotting a bigfoot on her property.


  1. Bigfoot is known for eating the clinkers in the cat box, if you think that was the dog it was probably bigfoot

  2. Knobby is also known for this behaviuor;
    Knobby, Knobby
    Your the man
    Eating cat turds
    Out of a can.
    Yeaaaah Knobby!

  3. Knobby Knobby
    What a man
    Kisses Germer's butt
    As fast as he can

    Knobby Knobby
    Hangs on every word
    Of that bald ugly turd
    Knobby Knobby
    Put out that fire
    Your boss's pants are on fire!

  4. Knobby wants to know why they make condoms so baggy?


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