The Legend of Boggy Creek Continues

Lyle Blackburn gave a presentation recently over the creature of Boggy Creek in Arkansas.

“I’ve never seen one,” a man adamantly claimed as chatter over shared experiences filled the atmosphere at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources on Sunday afternoon.

Over 120 people paid a visit to the museum to attend the “Legend and Lore - The Beast of Boggy Creek” presentation by Lyle Blackburn.

Blackburn is the author of “The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster” and several other books within the same genre.

Sherry Odom, facilities manager at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources, said it all started with a stuffed Bigfoot that was on sale in a catalog. Odom thought the item would be a good fit to carry in the museum because of the stories surrounding the well-known Fouke Monster of Arkansas.

“I started to do some research on Bigfoot because I knew there was the Fouke Monster and I came across Lyle Blackburn’s website,” she said.

Odom, who contacted Blackburn last fall, sent him an email to see if an arrangement could be made for him to speak.

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