Truck Driver Has Close Encounter With Yowie

An Australian truck driver claims he had an encounter with a yowie on the road. According to his report, the creature was nearly 3 meters tall.

A Queensland truckie claims he eye-balled a hulking 3-metre tall Yowie in broad daylight before it punched his bonnet and melted into the bush.

The delivery driver, identified only as Gary, says he was driving in the bushy Gold Coast hinterland on a November morning last year when he rounded a sharp right bend at Witheren and had the experience of his life.

He slammed on his brakes after spotting what he thought was a boulder tumbling down a steep slope and onto the road. But then it moved.

Gary says he watched as the creature unfurled huge, hairy limbs and stood upright before locking eyes with him through the truck's windscreen.

"It wasn't a rock at all," Gary has told Yowie hunter Dean Harrison in an interview shared on social media.

"This thing scared the absolute crap out of me."

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