Provo Bigfoot Witness Has Caught The Fever

Provo bigfoot witness Austin Craig has caught the fever. Seeing a bigfoot is a hard thing to shake, and Craig even took the following day off of work to look for the creature.

'You can't just see something that's maybe a once-in-a-century discovery and go do your nine-to-five job,' Craig said in an interview with WGN-9. 'You go to look for fur, or footprints, or some kind of evidence.' Accompanied by a friend , Craig went back up the mountainside in search of Bigfoot but came back empty handed.

Utah has been subject to several claims of Bigfoot sightings over the years, so much so, the state has its own division dedicated to hunting down the beast, The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. Much like Craig's investigation, The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization's search was inconclusive. There years ago, one mother claimed to have captured footage of Bigfoot lurking in a patch of tall grass on her way to Provo airport.

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