Bigfoot Cover-Up Explained

Mattsquatch Presents on youtube tackles the question of why is there a disinformation and cover-up campaign taking place against the existence of bigfoot.


  1. The coverup has always been for two reasons. The first reason is because they are paranormal and from public studies that took place in the 60's, the Federal government knows that the general public cannot deal with the thought of an 800 lb tall hairy person that cannot be controlled by our laws, could be invisible and standing right behind us at any given time. Older women in particular, cannot deal with this due to their fears of being sexually assaulted. The second reason for the coverup, is because everything that the Federal government has learned through their captivity studies and other attempts to train them to be assassins, is top secret. They don't want another country to learn from us and develop an army of invisible soldiers.


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