Shots Fired! Man Mistaken For Bigfoot By Hunter!

A man in Montana was mistaken for a bigfoot by a hunter, and the hunter tried to solve the mystery once and for all.

A Montana man had a bizarre brush with death over the weekend when he caught the attention of a trigger-happy hunter who thought he was Bigfoot. The unnamed Helena resident reportedly phoned police yesterday to alert them to the strange incident which happened while he was getting ready to do some target shooting on Sunday. Much to his surprise, the man said, his afternoon of fun took a frightening turn when he suddenly realized that he was being shot at and quickly ducked for cover.

After the bullets stopped flying, the man emerged from his hiding place and managed to speak to the individual who had been shooting at him. According to the shooter, he had opened fire on the man because he "thought he was Bigfoot." The would-be Sasquatch slayer said he came to this conclusion in large part due to the fact that the man was not wearing any orange. Apparently the lack of protective gear and the man's bipedal nature was enough to convince the shooter that he had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to bag a Bigfoot.

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  1. This can’t possibly be true because as has been “explained” to us by a non-hunter, a hunter would not shoot at “bigfoot” because bigfoot looks too human.

    Ha ha ha ha!

  2. From Coast to Coast:

    "Remarkably, the faux Sasquatch told authorities that he didn't bother to report the shooting until a day later because he didn't think it was a big enough deal to warrant an immediate call to the cops. His nonchalance about the whole thing was further revealed when he said that he didn't want to press any charges. In fact, he simply asked that police stop by the area to see if they could find the shooter and give the person a presumably stern lecture about gun safety."

    You have to duck for cover to avoid being shot and didn't think it was a big deal? You don't report it until the next day but then ask the police to check it out? He reportedly actually talked to the shooter but couldn't describe him? Something's really wrong with this story.

    1. Well dipsh*t, the initial report was corroborated by a second witness. So much for your stupid conspiracy theory. Ha ha ha!

      “But after reports of the alleged shooting appeared in the Helena Independent Record, another woman came forward with a similar experience, potentially bolstering the man’s story, Dutton said. The woman told law enforcement that she had been shot at by a man in a black F-150 as well. Bigfoot didn’t come up in that woman’s report, according to Dutton, but the woman did give a better description of the man, who she said she also confronted about shooting at her.”

    2. Wow you have such a respectful way of getting your point across Danny Stu. It really highlights your maturity and wisdom! I am sure your manner has taken you far in life.

    3. Yeah... it’s taken him all the way to being the laugh of Bigfoot Evidence.

      Yes PS, because people report being shot at due to being mistaken for Bigfoot all the time, don’t they?

      Silly Danny-PS.

      Bang goes your “every Hunter would know the difference between a gorilla suit and a hunter” then, eh? The poor sod being shot at didn’t even have a gorilla costume on! Ha ha ha!!

    4. I apologize 11:18 if I was a bit harsh in my response. But if you’ve read some of the awful things that the bitter footers have been saying about me here lately, you might understand why I wasn’t more respectful.

      I suppose it is understandable that they’d resort to libelous personal attacks when they have no response to my complete and total debunking of bigfoot. It’s just a cross I’ll have to bear I guess!

    5. Nwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, PS is all sensitive now, is he???

      : (

      PS... the only thing you’ve ever debunked is the claim that someone can’t finish the entire KFC menu in one sitting... In Florida, of course.

      ; )

    6. The only thing Iktomi ever proved is that he's an ass ha ha ha ha ha


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