It's Time For The Annual Sasquatch Summit

It's time for the annual Sasquatch Summit, a huge yearly gathering of bigfoot folks at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino.

Whether people have a personal Sasquatch story to tell or just want to check out the research done on the subject, the Sasquatch Summit conference is the place to be this weekend. The conference on November 16-18 is hosted at the scenic Quinault Beach Resort and Casino (QBRC) in Ocean Shores and is a nice place to sit back and listen to some notorious guest speakers and ask any questions people may have about this obscure creature.

The Pacific Northwest is noted as the Bigfoot capital of the world with discoveries dating back over 100 years, so it is fitting that the conference is hosted here. Join hundreds of other Sasquatch fans for this event full of memories and incomparable information. The conference is ever-growing and well attended, so get a ticket now for the weekend for the great deal of $35. Tickets are available at the door, but if guests book a stay at the Quinault Sweet Grass Hotel or a two night vacation at the QBRC starting at just $289, they will be gifted two complimentary tickets to Sasquatch Summit and also two T-shirts for the event.

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