How To Find Bigfoot In Oregon

If you find yourself in Oregon, with a hankering to seek out a sasquatch, here's some unique ways to go about it. Even if you don't find bigfoot, you'll still have fun.

RIDE: Board the Eagle Cap Train in Elgin for an excursion ride along two Northeastern Oregon rivers, the Grande Ronde and the spectacular wild and scenic Wallowa River. Among the themed rides, a festive Cinco de Mayo excursion, a Wild West train robbery and a midsummer “Seeking Bigfoot!” ride with a guest expert on board. Find details on the train, the Elgin Depot train museum and tickets ($35-$75) at

FLY: Search for Bigfoot from aloft. Bend’s Big Mountain Heli Tours offers private helicopter tours of the Deschutes National Forest, which is said to be prime territory for Sasquatch spotting. (And if you don’t see any giant creatures, that’s OK. The views alone make the trip worthwhile.) Find details on the tours ($649 for one to three people) at

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