Mysterious Bigfoot Photos

Mountain Beast Mysteries shares some of the more mysterious and interesting bigfoot photos around. Are these images the real deal?


  1. In the recent National Geographic episodes of Bigfoot: New Evidence, Dr. Sykes from Oxford University proved via his DNA studies that every single "bigfoot" hair provided to his lab was from a known animal.

    Along with disproving other bigfoot stories, Sykyes proved that Justin Smeja (illegally) shot a bear and not a bigfoot.

    The Sykes study and the admission this week from Roger Patterson's widow that her late husband hoaxed his famous footage pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for the bigfoot folklore.

    1. The only known researchers that submitted samples to Bryan Sykes were Dan Shirley, Marcel Cagey, Justin Smeja and Derek Randles. The BFRO did not provide any of the North American samples. Even if Sykes would have sequenced a 100 samples... it still would have been grossly short of a fair study based on the sheer frequency of anthropological data, physical evidence and modern eyewitness testimony that spans thousands of years. Sykes himself stated that he didn’t debunk anything, and urged researchers to provide him with more samples.

      Interestingly, Sykes sequenced a hair sample that had morphological congruency with 11 other samples, all linked to their own activity and sightings. The fibre that he sequenced was from a sighting by government employees, of which the subject left footprint evidence that is now peer reviewed. The sample turned out to be human (again, because Bigfoot are human)... and the last word from Sykes about it was he was looking into it further.

      Roger Patterson’s wife has never ever claimed her late husband hoaxed anything... And is simply a flat out lie. And where the subject in that footage should be debunked by now given the advances in SFX, the footage only grows more credible as the years roll by. Especially since the subject in that footage left behind physical evidence that is now peer reviewed.

    2. LOL. A few years back, Iktomi kept saying "Wait for Sykes! Wait for Sykes!" Well, we waited. EVERYTHING that Sykes tested has shown no bigfoot whatsoever. ALL purported yeti and bigfoot hairs tested turned out to be hairs from known animals. Yet another in a long line of bigfoot dead ends.

      Read Iktomi's BS above on how he tries to back-pedal on his repeated "Wait for Sykes! Wait for Sykes!"

      Cue Ikomi with more cut and paste BS.

    3. Oh, you’ll get a cut & paste alright...

      IktomiWednesday, September 19, 2018 at 1:53:00 AM PDT
      And to some more reality. What type of uneducated fool would celebrate the last stance of Bryan Sykes, that was the descriptions of an entire community of a Bigfoot were likely accurate, as well as the theory that Zana was a subspecies of homo sapien? The fact that you’re waiting for a paper, does not mean it doesn’t or won’t exist. Sykes would be delivering the DNA study of the century, likely get a lot of scrutiny and I should imagine that his ducks need to be in order. Either way, the default position at present is in the enthusiast’s favour.

      ... like I said, not even Sykes, the geneticist who tested those samples claimed he debunked the subject of Bigfoot/Yeti.

      Sykes is coming.

      ; )

    4. It's so sad seeing people like Iktomi changing his tune and continuing to believe in false hopes.

    5. “Changing my tune” or, “continuing to believe”? You seem to be lacking coherency again there.

    6. So what you're saying is that bigfoot is so smart he substitutes his hair for another known animal?

    7. Yes Pedo Stu, I know it hurt when you realised you were as stupid as a certain feminist (the type of person that you hate)... But the more you try and sensationalise it, the less it goes away.

    8. Here it is, and you weren’t joking...

      IktomiTuesday, September 18, 2018 at 8:08:00 AM PDT
      There is nothing “flimsy” about the gold standard of evidence... that which is repeatable;

      AnonymousTuesday, September 18, 2018 at 8:31:00 AM PDT
      So you're saying that there's no evidence of bigfoot except for blurred or dark pictures?

      ... Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    9. PSS is so desperate not to lose that he resorts to nonsensical answers to questions he can never hope to answer logically since he's so full of bosh



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