Look At All These Cryptids People Are Searching For

Bigfoot isn't the only cryptid roaming around that  people are searching for. Check out this articles covering over 20 other cryptids around the world that people are hunting.

What's the creepiest thing you've encountered on your travels? If you're very, very lucky, it might have been a cryptid. By definition, cryptids are "animals whose existence is questionable or disputed." In plain terms, they're mysterious monsters with a wacky or spooky assortment of fins, feathers, and/or fur.

Most cultures have their own cryptids. If you've visited Iceland, for example, locals might have warned you about mischievous elves prowling the mountains. There's no scientific evidence of these elves existing, but you'd never tell that to an Icelander. For them, seeing and believing are very different things. And as far as cryptids go, elves are just the tip of the (literal) iceberg.

People who are passionate about finding and studying cryptids are called cryptozoologists. They believe that these elusive creatures are absolutely real, and they work hard to find proof of their existence. Some of their findings are actually quite compelling. Whether cryptid reports are based on true history or mythical legend, we can't blame cryptozoologists for their curiosity! If these fantastical beasts were real, they would completely blow our minds.

As you might expect, places with reported cryptid sightings don't JUST attract these professionals. Full tourist attractions have been built to cater to everyday travelers, too. If you've got an adventurous spirit, an open mind, and an active imagination of your own, be aware (and beware!) of the cryptid creatures listed below.

Here are 22 of the world's most famous cryptids and where to find them - in order from least to most scary.

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