Wildfires and Bigfoot

There's no doubt wildfires in California and other places have devastated the local wildlife, and that includes our good friend, the bigfoot.


  1. The best way to locate a sasquatch is to set a wildfire and flush it or them out. One of my friends would have had indisputable proof recently but a tragic accident destroyed his evidence. We all went to a specific location of forested area that had been a hotspot for bigfoot sightings. He took his self climbing tree stand, and a walkie talkie along with a video recorder. We all went along armed with our walkie talkies, several gallons worth of gasoline, and some lighters. He strategically placed his stand right in the middle of the area where so many sighting had been reported. We went around his stand in about a ten acre circle using gasoline to create a burn line. Our idea was to burn the forest toward his stand and flush the band of sasquatches toward him so he could video the event and get indisputable proof. The idea worked perfectly, but we did not take into account the fact that the fire would trap and consume him too. He was so excited as he was repeatedly telling us over the walkie talkies about all of the great footage he was getting of the sasquai. Sadly, the fire consumed him and destroyed all of the video evidence. We could not locate any of the bigfoot carcasses to retrieve bone evidence either. We reported our friends loss as a foolish hunting accident.


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