Game Cam Photo Shows Mother Bigfoot and Infant

Bigfooters have argued over this photo since it first came out. Some believe it's an owl, while others claim they clearly see a bigfoot with a young one clutching to it underneath.


  1. Those are obvious feathers and that's an owl. This is old and not worthy.

    1. "This is old and not worthy"
      ha, that's what the birds say when they see your tallywacker !


    2. You fool, it’s much more reasonable to assume that a bigfoot with a gigantic head shaped like the pyramids of Giza and suffering from a bad case of the mange stumbled in front of the game cam to pick up some rotten apples to feed to the baby bigfoot she’s holding. Get with the damn program!

    3. Omg 12:37 sprayed my drink on my screen laughing. That was funny! Even Stu knows it. Especially when he looks down.

  2. This hoaxer is repurposing and old mink stole with attached hood. The thing is so old that it is losing large chunks of the fur.


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