Bigfoot FLIR Footage Video Breakdown

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at the famous Stacy Brown skunk ape footage captured on FLIR. This footage was featured on an episode of Finding Bigfoot, and could not be debunked by the team. What will Bigfoot Tony determine?


  1. Bigfoot Phony "cough" Tony has a case of paradoia. He has a knack for finding bigfoot in the background of well known faked videos. Keep up the crappy work Phony "cough" Tony.

    1. ^ left his mind in the loo today. Wakes up and looks in the mirror at his naked self and all he sees is paradoia
      Pedo stu "cough " troll really needs his diapers changed like most toddlers his age


    2. ^ everybody who posts a thing he disagrees with is the "stu" obsession taking over

  2. good podcast /


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