Bigfoot Caught On TV Footage Breakdown

Every now and then, something gets caught by cameras during a television shoot that somehow goes unnoticed by the many people that view the footage before it makes it to the airwaves. What are the odds that bigfoot is one of those rare things that gets caught? Parabreakdown takes a look.


  1. Hello lads !
    Mighty quiet around here the past few days. That can only mean that i have schooled the remaining trolls and sent them packing back to trollandia with their tails between their legs !
    You're welcome


    1. Or could it be that everyone has just gotten so bored with the site they have moved on to better things? I mean there is just only so many ways you can say Bigfoot does not exist and with the lack of evidence presented there is nothing to think otherwise. You can have the whole place to yourself Joe. Congratulations.

    2. you're still here i see
      congratulations on being a classic bellend !
      the prize is in the mail mate !



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