A Closer Look At The Beast of Seven Chutes

Bigfoot video breakdown technician Tri Diver takes a look at the NvTv channel's Beast of Seven Chutes upload. This image has left people bewildered, as it seems to show some sort of creature that no one can identify.


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    1. Hey luv , the 7 inches that was in my chute last night wasn’t fake !


  2. Yet once again NvTv shows why it's considered crap.

  3. It is still a stump with greenery growing out of it.

  4. ffs! all r fake but not PGF ffs!

  5. The video he is saying is fake isn't supposed to be anything but a person. And when the video came out it was for doing a comparison for size and distance for the seven chutes pic. It's not a bigfoot or dogman in the video it is what it looks like and isn't supposed to be anything but a person.

  6. I think Tri Diver needs to dig a little deeper on this one. He's seeing a person because he's looking at the comparison done by the photographer and his girlfriend to provide scale, etc. The original site and info is gone but can be found on wayback at https://web.archive.org/web/20080824053504/http://www.haveyouseenthiscreature.com/


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