The Sasquatch Outpost

From The Daily Woo on Youtube:

In the small town of Bailey Colorado many have gathered to share their stories of Bigfoot sightings . This caused the former general store to change its name to The Sasquatch Outpost and feature more info and displays on the illusive creature . An interactive walk thru encounter puts you face to face with Boomer himself . I was asked not to film certain parts of the museum due to a new section just opening . Worth checking out if you're ever in the area !


  1. Hey Ikdummy, why does Bob Heironomus have a signed photo of Patty, titled "Man in a Bigfoot suit?" Being sold on Amazon? It was authenticated that he signed it, with MAN IN A BIGFOOT SUIT!
    I'm sure yoy'ryou're going to say that added the man in a suit part Right? So why isn't Gimlin suing, or Meldrum? They have proof Party's a real Bigfoot right?

    1. And who authenticated it?

      You see, this is how your peanut brain works. You think that if you “authenticate” your own crud, it’s gospel.

      There’s a reason why you’re not taken seriously, Bruce.

    2. Oh... And Meldrum and Gimlim don’t have any rights to the film.


    3. Who authenticated it? The company that prides itself in authenticating the truth, that's Who! This company would be out the authenticity business, if they weren't legit!MAN IN A SUIT, SIGNED BY HEIRONIMUS!!!!
      Who has rights to the film? And why aren't they sueing for defamation of character? Only a peanut brain, non researching moron would believe Patty's real.
      Now you're backing another hoaxer, Reo! Clueless people flock together, hilarious!!
      Man you are the king of stupidity!

    4. “The company that prides itself in authenticating the truth, that's Who!”

      I’m utterly lost as to even beginning to understand that bizarre little rant. Care to explain yourself, ya clown? So Bob H authenticates it and it’s legit?
      1) Hieronimus has given three contradictory versions of his confession to various journalists -- contradictory regarding the "costume" description. Specifically, he has changed his description of the costume, dramatically, three times. The contradictions are so blatant that the only reasonable explanation is that the whole story is fake.
      2) Hieronimous is still not able to demonstrate a matching costume, even with expert assistance. As the Hieronimus crew continues to introduce new costumes, to more closely approximate the Patterson creature, the more obvious it is that Hieronimus didn't have anything do with it the first time either.
      3) Hieronimous does not know anything about the route to get to the film site, as if he was never there.
      4) His explanation for why he never asked for the $1,000 from Gimlin or Patterson ... doesn't make any sense. Many things in his confession make no sense.
      5) When Hieronimous is asked why he's telling this story to the public 40 years later, he says "It's my turn now" ... refering to the other parasite scammers who have made claims about the footage in previous years.

      You’re a joke whose standards are summed up as someone merely self-proclaiming. You’re no authority. Nobody cares what Bob H has to claim, he’s a joke that not even hardline pseudoscpetics even reference anymore.

      Is Reo another person on the list that you sent your blurs to and didn’t care?

    5. Bob H. Didn't authenticate it you ding dong, it was Beckett Authentication Services, THE WORLD'S MOST TRUSTED AUTHENTICATOR!!
      The only thing I sent Reo were comments about how he has ZERO evidence, is a HOAXER, totally clueless, and a camera attention whore, who stole people's money for research, that he never spent on research!
      These blurs you speak of are what we're dealing with, and once again, if you researched at all, you'd see what a fool you are.

    6. “Beckett Authentication Services is world's most trusted authenticator of autographed sports/non- sports collection & memorabilia...”

      Argh right. Obviously the best source to reference for matters of anthropology. Do you see how your version of science works? You’re a joke.

      Blah, blah, blah, blah, bandwagon, blah. It’s fun to simply rehash the lies of others when you’re desperately trying to make your crud seem more sincere, isn’t it? You could only dream of having the audio he has... but that would mean you getting off your lazy backside and walking somewhere that would get your body temperature up. Lazy slob.

      I’ve researched more on my backside across the pond by picking up one book on the subject than you have passing off blurry images of trees as the most ridiculous of creatures. And quite simply, you’re a hoaxer who’s trying to acquire YouTube clicks and I thinks it’s time to start letting the community know a little more. People like you are dangerous to this subject, not only because you’re crazy and threaten it’s credibility, but because you’re a modern cliche of how clueless hoaxers point fingers to distance themsleves from what is clearly an ego driven effort to get attention and money.

      Lazy slob.


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