Skunk Ape Territory Discovered

Tim Fasano has discovered an area that seems ripe with skunk ape activity. Will this be his chance to capture one on video?


  1. Yeah ,I remember this was debunked easily by scientists wasn`t it, Stephen hawking said so too.

    1. I will be contacting the Stephen Hawking foundation and directing them to this blog about your past and current statement about the late Stephen Hawking...

    2. Stuey thinks he’s clever enough to not only talk on behalf of scientists, but that he can dream up and manifest the opinions of them into reality. He’s got quite an imagination, has our Stuey... but he does believe 10,000 role-players are running around the wilderness of the US with super-human capabilities, after all.

    3. ^ as much imagination as required to be seeing hairy creatures in the woods ?

      hardly even a contest is it

    4. ikdummy has lost her mind. She's so desperate to counter Meldrum's 10,000 hiding monster theory and bigfoot role-players with something equally absurd on the skeptic side but ends up making her message all the more convoluted for herself.

    5. It’s impossible for different cultures over thousands of years to imagine up the same non-human primate features and behavioural traits... as well as physical evidence across continents. Far nerds who spend all their time on a dentist computer only need a minute to devise a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

      You’re right... 100 “role-players” who don’t appear to have a single bit of coherency in their alleged methods... who have impossibly low numbers to achieve all the activity and evidence around the US, who are in cahoots with PhD’s, who nobody reports seeing, and who dodge loaded weapons all year round... Seems totally plausible.

      What was I thinking?

  2. Fasano is the Jane Goodall of the skunk ape. He's an ambassador for the species.


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