Mount St. Helens Bigfoot Footage

Mountain Beast Mysteries presents a piece of footage taken near Mount St Helens. The footage shows what could be an actual sasquatch. Check it out and see what you think.


  1. Short arms, the trailing leg is straight, not bent in the compliant gait. Its human.

  2. Appears to be folds on the outside of the right pant leg as hes walking away. Looks like some dude in a hoodie.

  3. OMGoodness! Soooooo obviously fake bigfoot BS.

  4. Whats funny is the dickheads in here say its a hoax!

    1. ^ Joe`s new account ?

      Or - you`re as much a cocksucker as Joe if you can`t handle the fact that people disagree - particularly when there is not ANY VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE in 60 years.

    2. Jeez. You’re back to believing everyone is Joe, eh Stuey? Are you having another relapse akin to the magic airforce base that everyone here (who were somehow allegedly the same person all at the same time), was attacking you via a psy-ops experiment? The tablets don’t define you Stuey, keep taking them for heaven’s sake. And what are you doing to convince anyone that 60 years of footprints are unverifiable Stuey? Remember I’m collecting a dossier on you, I would have noticed if you had some substance for once in 8 years.

      You still have zilch.


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