True Scary Camping Stories

From the Creepy Pasta Guy:

Hey Guys! here are TRUE SCARY CAMPING STORIES FROM THE WILDERNESS ft. Swamp Dweller. I hope you guys all enjoy these stories from the woods and i hope you never have any of these experience whilst camping!


  1. Oh it was just SO SCARY the time we wuz camping in my mum`s garden and we didn`t have all the pegs !!! ...yeah I nswear to God it`s the truth ... we couldn`t find the tent peg that held the back flap at the middle bit and it wuz just SO SCARY ...then we heard somebody shutting the back door of the house an we wuz all alone in the garden and not only that but we had a peg that was missing for crying out wuz just SO SCARY and it meant we didn`t sleep properly just thinking about this disaster of the missing tent peg...then we comforted each other with some man-lurve of the botty kind and I feel my hunky man-friend made it all worthwhile as he pushed his very own "tent peg" into my accepting was as hard as a steel tent peg itself and made up for all the worry we had earlier on with the missing peg for the back flap middle bit...gosh,what a horror story we`ve had to tell people about how we wuz camping and was missing one peg.



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