Law Enforcement Officer Witnesses Bigfoot Chasing Deer

Tim Stover and company investigate an area where a deputy recently witnessed a bigfoot creature chasing deer.


  1. My cipher solution is using just the simple symbol being replaced by a letter technique (like the 408 was solved), no strange math, no weird jumping all over the place, no anagrams (which is what almost all 340 solutions are, which can lead to any answer), just the simple technique used to solve the first cipher (i have posted a way for you guys to test it out yourself - the fast way), but with the small twist. Also I had kept in mind a few years back the FBI has said they believe half the cipher could be mumbo jumbo to throw people off, but half does look to be correct. I noticed the "+" symbol followed by the semi filled circle followed by another "+" vertically directly in the middle which instantly made me think of the "ArA" in "Paradice" on the halloween card (which you can see here: ), so I put that in which then made "ire" appear attached to the bottom of "paradice" - of course "fire" and I went from there (with a few other things that came to mind), the twist being the "Paradice Slaves" cross (the same as the halloween card) and I believe the 9x9 quadrant, which the word "rope" (automatically making the second word "rope" in the corner reverse "L" shape formed a kind of border in my head). The main part which I am quite sure of is the "Paradice Slaves", "By rope, by fire, by knife, by gun" parts replicating the halloween card. That is the solid core of my solution, and I believe the halloween card was literally giving them the answer to the cipher. The "by Rader" (the BTK killer) part is of course up for speculation, but another really intriguing thing about my solution is that in the word "Rader" the letter "D" in his name, is the cipher symbol for "Z" - and as we know sometimes the Zodiac signed letters with just his symbol and a "Z" - which if my solution was correct could imply he was signing it "D" - aka Dennis (Rader). Just an interesting coincidence. I have a lot of theories and some psychological theories as well in regards to that, but when I posted them here my thread kept being removed, so I am not sure if that was breaking guidelines by speculating.


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