How Does Bigfoot Stand These Conditions?

The Trail to Bigfoot Team fights off the mosquitoes, humidity, heat, and rival factions in their search for the Florida skunk ape.


  1. TROLL.... slacking...... off.... during .... the .......Burger... King... NIGHT.... SHIFT....

    Or hes passing out from starvation- DELIGHTFUL THOUGHT!!!

  2. Anatomy of a divorce: "Hey, Wilma -- Barney and I can quit our day jobs at the quarry, and make more money posting Bigfoot videos on-line! Whadda you say? And it would sure help if you and Betty went along with us. Come-on; it'll be fun. We'll pick-up some brontosaurus burgers on the way home."

    1. Plus, I can show everyone all the wrinkles on your neck!


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