Florida Bigfoot Activity

The Trail to Bigfoot team look into an area of recently suspected bigfoot activity. Was the skunk ape making a special appearance? Check it out:


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    1. If this post is of relevance I'll get off my phone and type a longer one (hi Feds!)

      So -- they take the form you're most likely to believe. Aliens in popular culture is a form you'd be likely to "buy into" -- historically they appear as various similar shapes but the medium of their existence is somehow bound to consciousness so I doubt they have any meaningful "static 3D body"

      I'm p sure some of them, historically referred to often as "demons" are sated by human fear. They show up to scare you because they eat fear. Side effect: you become much harder to scare over time.

      The real question is: are the waves being generated on Earth by the likes of the CIA, or do they originate off-world.

      I think those of us who can clearly see them in our minds eye are being recruited, tested, trained, whatever you may call it -- most likely (by my assumption) to participate in a war of consciousness. Otherwise I have very little explanation for the sense of urgency that accompanies awareness of these things.

      They started as greys for me and have evolved into more classical angels. Demons that are all black with no wings tend to be around as well, but they seem more restrained than the fear eaters.

      I do not know for what purpose they have made people hold these beliefs while simultaneously maintaining the status quo that these beliefs are a sign of mental illness. They (and God/Source above them) seem to be perfectly capable of "playing both sides" for all 8 billion of us, and that confuses the shit out of me.

      Try talking to them and developing some kind of understanding. They can't physically hurt or touch you as far as I can tell, but they can and do possess you and everyone else, so they CAN touch you by embodying me, for instance.

      For these reasons I always use nitrous at the dentist. They love the opportunity to get physically inside your head with real human hands.

      None of this is verified by me. All conjecture until disclosure.

    2. Makes sense.....somehow.

    3. Its obvious that theise two Homo's are mentally ill and need to Get A divorce,,Sad but True!!

      Barret jasmine Sanders!

  2. Was gonna respond to this thread last night (woke up at 3 am) but was too terrified to even type it.

    I'm in the same boat as you OP. I can see the most horrific depictions of demons, ghosts, and any other crypto-zoological creature and feel nothing. I can watch gore, decapitations, suicides, and burnings and squirm a bit. But seeing a grey like you posted fills with with utmost dread.

    Unlike a lot of people here I never watched scary alien films or read scary alien books growing up as a kid. I was mostly into slasher films.

    For some reason when I see a Grey, I can't imagine an end to any torture they could cause me. Seeing anything else horrific I can imagine it causing me pain, possibly even killing me, but there being an end. When thinking about a grey though it just seems incredibly unknown what it is capable of, or what it even is, and that is truly terrifying

  3. As a non believer of extraterrestrials (at least not of the hollywood portrayal), I think its just an evolutionary thing, where pop culture has created an image that has the ideal proportions to scare people on a primitive level. I mean, why would aliens look so human anyway? These Greys look human enough so the part of our brains that recognize human faces recognize them but look just different enough to throw us off. Their big black eyes might also be a sign of high intelligence/sickness/predator, etc that fucks with us.

    Your nightmares are just a product of your psyche, subconsciously visualizing your fears.

    Tbh they creep me out too.

    1. I wonder where Joketomi gets his bigfoot jollies now that this site is pretty much dead in the water?

    2. Wikileaks is actively working against mechanisms of tyranny by pointing out gaps in transparency. If you think that telling the world about US drone strikes et al. Idk what I can tell you that will convey my, and others on the left, appreciation of the service of Chelsea Manning. Wikileaks is problematic, sure, but I believe it has done more for the average American than against.

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    4. AnonymousThursday, October 27, 2016 at 4:35:00 PM PDT
      Got monkey, Joketomi?
      AnonymousFriday, October 28, 2016 at 11:53:00 PM PDT
      Got monkey, Joketomi?
      AnonymousMonday, March 7, 2016 at 12:51:00 AM PST
      is it you TK or Joketomi in the queue here at the small penis competition ?
      JoketomiThursday, February 26, 2015 at 7:45:00 PM PST
      Gee...is it really true,Lucy ?
      AnonymousTuesday, April 5, 2016 at 1:50:00 PM PDT
      timbergiantbigfoot ?
      Isn`t he the guy that has been found out hoaxing a number of times ?
      I expect that Joketomi will be thrilled he`s said he`s filmed something...but then again, we all know he is a moron.
      AnonymousTuesday, May 23, 2017 at 5:35:00 PM PDT
      ikdummy is giving the impression of refuting your argument, while refuting an argument that was not advanced by you....and then accused you of doing what HE just did.

      DonWednesday, December 11, 2013 at 6:44:00 AM PST
      And he has them man-boobs......egghhhh

      dMaKeRTuesday, May 23, 2017 at 6:36:00 PM PDT
      Kind of like when he said that Patty's limb proportions were within human range..yeah, what was it? 1 in 36 million or something?

    5. ... And I could have gone ooooooooon and oooooooooon and ooooooooon...

      But don't call Don an anonymous troll. He doesn't like that. He gets really angry and starts telling you his alleged profession and eveything!

    6. Wow Joerg, you really have him figured out. Thats almost as good as the time Dmaker caught you posting under your anonymous alias of "Joe". Now that was a real laugh

    7. we wonder what dressmaker gets his kicks if this site were to ever go down ? since it's plain to see he has no known life outside this blog it's a bloody shame he hasn't gotten out of his basement in years


  4. Recognizing LGBT Pride Month is about on par with holding a gay pride flag at the Republican convention, it's a way of saying "I am aware this thing exists."
    If anything Donald Trump has backslid since the election, it's not that he won't fly the gay pride flag anymore, it's that he won't even acknowledge it.

    1. Good, that filth doesn't belong in the white house, the USA, or the world for that matter. Sodom was burned to the ground for a reason

    2. Sodom was burned to the ground because it's inhabitants believed and worshiped Bigfoot and Yahweh was having none of it. Remember this next time there is a Bigfoot convention.



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