Bigfoot Eagle Cam Footage Hoax - But Some Aren't So Sure

Footage taken from an online webcam of an eagle's nest showed what many believe to be a bigfoot creature. Eventually a man came forward and claimed that it was him in the footage, wearing a suit of animal skins that he claims is for shamanistic purposes. Some true believers aren't so easily convinced though.


  1. Just a theory:

    What if Bigfoot is just a species of Negroid Homo Sapiens that was continually cast out because of the inability to coexist with other races of Homo? Very well could be a species of Negroid that was forced feral. Thoughts?

    1. Is there anyone you get along with DS? Give us a name. One solitary name. Your imaginary cryptids dont count.

    2. Carla Gentry although she's probably a sock puppet :) xx

    3. DS gets along with Donald Trump and some members of the Manson family namely Carla Gentry and Nannette .
      Hey DS, i'm kinda surprised you didn't discover this fur man cryptid and sharpie some testicles on him . You discover more new species than Darwin ever did !

  2. Hey, MOM! At summer camp this year, we made a Bigfoot costume. It was really cool, but it got messed-up when Billy was wearing it and some guy with a shotgun blew his head off.

  3. Not even close to the same costume seen in the video. This guy is just trying to get his name in the headlines and nothing else. Unless he has a black fur costume he's full of bollocks !



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