Park City Bigfoot

From Utah Sasquatch, an outing into the Park City area of Utah. They find some interesting bigfoot stuff out there, but did they miss the bigfoot watching them from the brush?


  1. He never learned what bigfoot looks like. How you gonna find something when you have no idea what it looks like. Think you are going to walk out into the woods and find Patty strolling along? No, you are going to find bigfoot in concealment meaning you are going to need a whole lot more observational discipline than you think.

    I feel sorry for the guy. You can sound as knowledgeble as can be on video but then step into the forest and know essentially nothing.

    If you want to actually find bigfoot the shortest and quickest path is to pay Mark Zaskey 10 bucks for a one month subscription and then carefully watch his videos. You will see bigfoot clearly and you will also see the way they conceal. After that you can basically find them in your area if they are around.

    If you think you already know what bigfoot looks like because of the PGF you need to have a look at current imagery because they are very diverse in appearance.

    1. Zaskey pushing his channel for money, LOL! He's correct in what he says about Bigfoot, but we don't know what proof you have, since it's all about $$$.
      Also correct what he says about the Charlatan Utah Sasquatch!

  2. What a joke. I watched Utah Sasquatch's Surrounded by Bigfoot video. He was blaming common camp ground trash on Bigfoot. Beer cans, Dr Pepper cans etc.. This Nathan Reo is a scam artist from the get go. Bigfoot trashing the forest with pop and beer cans lmao what a schmuck

    1. I think what happened is he saw an opportunity to make money in the field and went for it. He already made like what, 15K in just a year(?) and is the only actor looking person out there so people love him. As Rogan once said BF is loaded with unfuckable white men -- so imagine if you put one attractive guy in there: jackpot. With him pairing up with Standing, you know something is up.

    2. ^ Oh,you don`t find Kekky Shaw attractive? Or Tim Fatboy? What about that handsome dude Rick Dyer or Merchant? C`mon now,surely you are a little aroused looking at these fine specimens of manhood?


    3. You don't find fishy eyes Steven Stupidtard or fatassssJamie Wayne attractive? How about lurpy four chins Bruce Kelley or butchyMitchell Wilson? Jeffery Kelley's double willy eyes are hot and nerdy. Comon lots of attractive footers. Rectum Riolo is so get he looks pregnant with twins. That's an attractive guy! Not! Lmao

  3. some guy was in the bushes with...

    ..."cupped" balls.


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