Bill Brock has a new show about Aliens and ancient places! Watch it here!

Bill Brock is back with an amazing web series.  In the first episode he takes a psychic medium to one of the most ancient places in the United States, The American Stonehenge. The American Stonehenge is a site in Salem, New Hampshire thought to be built for the Gods. Were the Gods they built this for really Alien life forms? Find out on this episode of Rogue Mysteries.

Check it out here: Rogue Mysteries



    1. Rooster isn't going to like that.

    2. HE LIKES IT LESS WHEN chick chick HIDES HIS strapon strapon!

    3. Yes indeed. I'm sure he definitely doesn't like that.

    4. You think ANYBODY is gonna pay to watch this shite ?

      Get stuffed ,asshole !!

  2. I cut off a few branches from the tree in front of me and stepped into the clearing illuminated by the morning sun. And the scene I saw was, well, impossible. I'd think it was more likely that I was near some psychedelic flowers or something than the the scene in front of me being real.

    And this is form the guy who's been hunting Big-Foot for the last ten years.

    Right in the center of the snow covered clearing, in the middle of the damn Himalayas, there were people. People crowding around a grave. There were only four of them, but they were completely, distinctly different. One of them was Santa.

    You begin to see my skepticism with this whole situation.

    The other was dark haired woman, dark skinned woman. She was almost six and a half feet tall, the tallest of the group, and her full-body dress seemed like it was changing color. There was also no snow around her, in fact, as she walked around the grave and touched it, I swear I saw the snow melt, and flowers begin to grow.

    You know, in the Himalayas.

    The other two seemed perfectly normal looking, on was a young teenager and the other was a guy in a suit, but judging by their company they were probably aliens or something.

    But there was something even more unsettling going on. More so than aliens around a grave, yeah.

    It was quiet.

    Now this may seem really minor, but to anyone who's spent a lot of time in the wilderness knows this never happens. Even in the snow, there are birds chirping, branches rustling, small animals scurrying through the snow and up trees, wind blowing.

    But there, in that clearing, it was as if the world was holding its breath, no wind, no movement except from the people in the clearing, and no sound, at all. I was afraid to even move, lest I disturb this perfect moment. More so than the people, I would remember that moment my entire life, the stillness of the trees, the mountains peeking out behind the treeline, and the sun shining down on that snow covered clearing.

    1. Naturally, it was exactly at that moment that I suddenly, inevitably, sneezed.

      It was comical really, the sound echoed throughout the clearing, and I saw a couple of flocks of birds take to the skies from the forest, chirping loudly, and the spell that had been lain on the clearing shattered completely for a moment.

      And all four were looking intently at me. Santa, the tall woman, this one girl, a teenager by the looks of it, in jeans and a tank-top with a sword on her back, and a man in a suit.

      "Err...hello," I said. Socialite extraordinaire, that's me.

      Santa broke the silence, as can be expected, with a rolling laugh, and I let out a breath that I didn't realize I'd been holding as the others joined him. The tall woman laughed loudly, the girl grinned, and even the man in the suit smiled slightly.

      "Big Fred would've loved that" said Santa, "like Jesus Christ, man, we're having a moment, and you come in here and sneeze..." He devolved into incomprehensibility as he started laughing again.

      I was pretty sure at this point, they weren't going to kill me, and though it had been years since I'd held any meaningful conversation with someone else, it seemed rude to just stand there far away. I came up to them and the grave and offered my hand to the woman, "Jared," I said, with a smile, "I apologize for the intrusion, ma'am."

      She smiled, a smiled that made my heart beat faster, and returned the handshake. "I'm mother nature," she said, "you know Santa of course," then she trend to the girl, "this is Hekate, and," she continued, turning to the man in the suit, "is Death."

      She said it like it was the most normal thing, like she was saying, "Oh and this is Mr. Johnson," not introducing a goddess and freaking Death. "I...I see," was all I could manage, and Nature smiled, and I knew what effect this whole thing was having on me.

      "So...what exactly are you guys doing here?" I asked.

      "We could ask you the same thing, Jared," Hekate said with a bit of indignation.

      "I'm a, err, hiker," I said.

      Death smiled and Hekate snorted. "As if," she said, "No one comes here."

      I felt a bit uncomfortable. I didn't want to admit, you know, that-

      "You were looking for bigfoot?"

      I turned to stare at Death, the first time he'd spoken. There was no use in denying it, I'm pretty sure me staring open-mouthedly at Death had given it away.

    2. Hekate scowled at me, "well good job, human, you've done it!" Her hair began to slowly stand on it's end, and I took a step backward. But Nature was suddenly next to Hekate and put a hand on her shoulder. "Sorry," Hekate said miserably, wringing her hands, "I..."

      "To answer your question, Jared," Santa said, "we are here to celebrate Fred, or as you know him, Big Foot, on his Birthday. We do it every year."

      I blinked. It seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

      "Big foot is...dead?" I asked, deathly quiet. I'd spent years chasing after a dead guy?

      "Yes," Death said simply. He seemed like a credible source, "Though we celebrate today to make sure he lives on-"

      "Right here," Nature finished, pointing to her heart. "Would you care to join us in celebration?"

      "I...I would love to," I said after a moment, "but what exactly are we celebrating, what did he do?"

      This time Hekate grinned, a grin of pure innocence and mischief, one that most young teens have worn on their faces. "Well for one, getting people like you to look for him," she said with a laugh.

      Santa laughed, "Yeah...oh man. You think I'm busy working in my workshop, but Fred...he made headlines once a month on different corners of the world!"

      "Remember that thing in Argentina?" Nature asked with a smile, "when he came out of the catacomb in the ruins?"

      This time Hekate rolled with laughter, "they didn't even report that one, that's how unbelievable that was" she said between gasps of laughter, "they thought all 6 archaeologists made it up!"

      "And there was that thing in which he lay in that Mummy's coffin...I still laugh about that sometimes," Death said, though I had a hard time imagining Death laughing.

      "He was a great know?" Nature shook her head sadly, "It's funny his Birthday falls today, everyone honors him, whether they know it or not."

      "Yes...more people take part in today then in Christmas," Santa said with a sad smile, "more people laugh today then any other day in the year."

      "What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

      Hekate looked at me like I was an idiot. "Dude...April 1st, April's fools. Everyone pranks and lies and tricks. That's what Fred lived his life around."

      I couldn't help but laugh.

    3. ^ " Hey boyo , you need to read my other new book ,THE SNAIL TRAILS OF REALITY"-Joe Fitsgerald.

    4. Hakate ?

      Is Bukake the older and more worldly wise Brother ?


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