Bigfoot In Honobia, Oklahoma

From the archives of the Dogman Files comes this story about bigfoot in Honobia. The small, Oklahoma town has become famous for its numerous bigfoot encounters and history.


  1. What can you use magic for?


    Can I use this for mundane goals like job, studies, etc?

    Should this be used for wisdom, trascendence, etc

    I honestly don't get the point of magic yet. Results. Yes, but in what sense?

    Bettering yourself?

    1. prayer is magic too

      good, white magic some would argue

  2. All the things you mentioned. Every culture has its own kind of magic, and most organized religion is actually centred around magic of some kind. And prayer is magic, like the anon above me said.

  3. .Being able to do any magic is good magic.

    One example that is open to any magic user is to record it and repeat it, that will earn you 1 million dollars.

    Gypsies of Europe sell their services to help others and for profit.

    One of the most simple unprovable uses of magic is the Law of Attraction. Many swear and live by it. It's common use is for simple self-improvement. That sounds more up your boat.

    1. Magic can be used for personal gain. Throughout history, non have come forward to admit to being able to do it. Yet in every culture the stories and ancient text have shown remarkable similarities.
      So most mages keep their secret until death or come forward and get murdered.
      The best use of magic is to use it to hurt all others, no matter the circumstance.

    2. >Can I use this for mundane goals like job, studies, etc?
      you can. it's good to start small actually.

      >Should this be used for wisdom, trascendence, etc
      you can do that too, although idk if I'd use rituals per se for that. I'd go more for meditation and study if that was the goal.

      I suppose you could try to contact spirits or gods or whatever to try to learn something profound from them. but there's always the possibility that you're just talking to your own unconscious. supposedly that "feels" different from an actual spiritual contact, but even so, you'd need some experience in doing it to tell the difference.


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