Bigfoot Abducting Humans

From Sasquatch Central:

Back before Missing 411, when Dave Paulides was a bigfoot researcher, Paulides revealed that they have uncovered a number of tales of Bigfoot abducting humans. He shared one story, from around the 1940's or 50's, of a girl from the city who was visiting her family in a rural part of California. She went off into the woods to pick berries and disappeared. A month later, she reemerged and claimed she'd been "kidnapped by the hairy man."


  1. Has Dogman or Bigfoot ever been caught on a trailcam?

    If you are Iktomi,DON'T RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION!!

  2. iktomi/joe left. we won.

    better question is have they ever fought a steel cage match to the death? if not well i would pay $29.99 to watch it.

  3. ^ I wouldn`t pay 2 cents ... but would pay a vastly greater sum to watch dIktomijo pummeled into submission (MUST include hard fat slaps to the chops)in a cage and butt-shafted into next week.

  4. ^^^ here we have some prime candidates for bigfoot to abduct.
    and take Haints and dmaker as well
    they'll become playthings for the young bigfoots to be amused with



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