Washington State Employee Has Scary Bigfoot Encounter

From PacWest Bigfoot:

I am a current employee of the Washington State Fisheries Service, so I want to keep my name out of it. I had a pretty scary encounter with Bigfoot in the Canyon Creek area, and I do not mind telling you about it because I do not work that area, I was camping at the time.

I live pretty far away from the Canyon Creek area and always wanted to try some fly fishing and camping around there. So, early last spring I decided to use some time off to spend a few days or so camping and fishing down there.

Suffice it to say; the camping only lasted 2 days until I saw something I hope to never see again. I also want to warn people about it, and all without losing my livelihood. Here is my encounter Dave, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share it here.


  1. How do I know that this story isn't made up?

    1. He works for the state and therefore he would never lie. Also, he fears that he would lose his job if he gives his name so he must be honest. In addition, he wants to warn the public about the public danger of bigfoot -- that's another mark of truthfulness.

    2. It's a fact government workers never lie.



      Scout's honor.


      Cross my heart and hope to.....never mind.

    3. You didn't need to say never mind. We already disregard everything you type.

  2. Hey, those state fisheries guys got a reputation to uphold. If you caught a salmon released by a guy who said he seen Bigfoot, that would ruin the entire fishing season. Hail, he probably reports directly to the Governor.

  3. They like tip get up in the tip top of the tallest trees. And when I say tall I mean 100's of feet up. They like to piss and shit from a height. They do it for there own pressure. If your ever out there and happen to be standing near some tall trees always be sure to keep an eye out and check them!


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