Possible Bigfoot or Dogman Caught On Video

From the author of 100 Bigfoot Nights:

I held the camera as long as I could, but when I get the feeling I've been noticed I don't push it. I couldn't tell exactly what it was due to all the movement.


  1. AC(the real prez) will FORCE the superfriends to be GREAT AGAIN!!

    Uno Who,

    1. Thnx for the diversional gawfas a.c.collins,as anyone that checks out this blog,knows that the SUPERFRIENDS are nothing more than arcaic kooks that will simply Fade away into oblivious obscurety like duh homo idiosis dat day "B"!!

      "CAN U DIGGIT"!!

    2. even thou you attempt to "Dumb down" the message,
      ya just cant dum it down enough, huh???
      sad but true.


  2. Replies
    1. That was the biggest waste of my 5 minutes ever and I looked at leaves blowing gently in the breeze...please! This is why researchers are not taken credibly because you have fools doing this kind of prank and they are given attention for doing it!

  3. Replies
    1. it must have been miles away on the other side of town - coz it certainly wasn`t in that video.

      what`s new ?

  4. So you stop recording it before it turns away or leaves from view? B.s.

  5. all i saw was leave bobbing around

  6. I saw it. The dogfoot or Bigman is disguised as some leaves. Leaves blowing around in the wind.

  7. she has never posted a video of anything but shrubbery!


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