Ever Notice How Wookies Look Like Bigfoot?

People always make the comparison between Chewbacca from Star Wars, and Bigfoot. But have you seen the wookie-filled travesty that was known as the Star Wars Holiday Special? Well, you're in luck.


  1. Yes, and I also noticed how much Jerry Mouse looks like Mighty Mouse. Just a coincidence? I think not.

  2. They sure look enough alike to fool old Matt Moneymaker.

    All it took was a $50 Chewbacca mask, some cheap hair dye, and a bad frizz cut, and he's trying to tell us Matilda the Sleeping Bigfoot is the real deal.

    Or maybe he's in on the hoax?

    1. Yes... Just look how much money Matilda has made him. He's literally like Scrooge McDuck swimming in gold coins.


      Matilda was a hoax for sure.

  3. So you admit Matilda was a hoax, Ikky? Good for you. You're improving. Now which branch of this giant bigfoot illuminati hoaxing conspiracy do you think did it? Because you keep trying to force that tired old false dichotomy that either bigfoot is 100% real or 100% a huge conspiracy hoax.

    Are you finally going to admit that bigfoot is largely the product of hundreds of independent hoaxes, lies, and simple misidentifications? No conspiracy needed. Just independent con men and the occasional redneck with a sense of humor.

    1. Sorry chump! I've never, ever maintained that Matilda was anything different... And I'd invite you to go source a comment from me to the contrary if I thought you could use the internet for anything other than trolling.

      It's simple, hoaxes occur... That's a given these days. However, if you maintain that this field is the result of hoaxing, then it would require an illogical hoaxing conspiracy of the extent of which gets shoved down your briar every time YOU reference it. Your claims, your shortcoming, and like an adult, you need to be responsible for your drivel.

      Argh yes!! For thousands of years, there has been a culture hopping secret society of gorilla suit wearing conspirators all out to get your money. These people, though finding each others customs undesirable, and spanning from a time when they didn't even know what a non-human primate looked like, have in fact not only managed to cheat the best experts with fake biological species traits that span decades and States in lottery win fashion too, but have managed to "misidentify" the same anatomical and behavioural traits, regardless of geographical divide!

      Poor gullible fool.

    2. If Matilda was real, Erikson would have tons of proof since then, and has had absolutely ZERO proof since then....Clearly a hoax.
      Erikson supposedly spent 1 million dollars,lol, on what, the costume?


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