Nothing Can Hide From A Thermal Camera, Not Even These Guys

Tim Stover, the Ohio Bigfoot Hunter, takes his thermal camera equipment on a scouting mission to look for bigfoot. One thing is for sure, there's no hiding from a thermal camera.


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    1. Vegas the dog (iktomi) @ 4:03 trying to integrate into the American bigfoot research community. WELSH CREEP!

  2. Tim manages to film deer with his $2000 FLIR. Meanwhile, Tim's mom wonders what happened to her silver serving set.

    1. Nothing can hide from a thermal, unless Stover's behind the camera!

  3. Hi I'm Bob Gimlin.

    Roger and I faked the film of the creature.

    Sorry about that.

    I'm Bob Gimlin.

    1. Hi, I'm Iktomi.

      Got monkey suit?


    2. You should know better, Ikky.

      Patterson had the suit, not Gimlin.

  4. Bigfoot have a variety of ways that they use to avoid showing up on a thermal, but don't tell whomever wrote the title because he doesn't have a clue. Much like Rictor.


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