It Stood Up On Two Legs And Looked Inside The Truck


One night, while I was driving out to spend the weekend with him I witnessed a very tall, hairy bipedal wolfman run across the road and into the treeline on the otherside.

This thing only took a few steps and cleared the entire road, its fur was shaggy and dark brown or black, I’d put it at about 8 feet tall judging by how tall the branches of the trees were that he ran into. It had a long, canine muzzle and I’m pretty positive its legs were bent backwards like a dog. I damn near crapped my pants. Needless to say, I didn’t stop to investigate this thing, I drove faster.

Once I got to my gramps’ place I ran into the house and locked the door behind me, looking out the window to see if there were any monsters outside. He was confused and curious as to why I was so upset and I told him what I saw. To my shock he nodded and said “So you saw the wolfman too.” All I could do was blink at him over and over, I had no idea what was going on. I asked him what he was talking about and what it was that I saw. He shrugged, “Not sure, but I seen that thing a few times now.”

The first story he told me was when he first moved into that house he was out in the woods and found a deer carcass that was pretty mangled, and missing its head. He said it looked like a wild animal really went to town on this thing but taking the head isn’t something an animal usually does. The thought of a poacher crossed his mind, thinking maybe they killed this deer, messed it up like that and took it’s head as trophy, but why waste the meat. Regardless, he didn’t go into the forest without his gun from then on.

A few weeks later he was driving back to his place after going visiting his brother when, he too, saw this thing run across the road. At this point he leaned in across the table towards me, “Cept when I seen him, he was carrying a whole deer over his shoulders and runnin like it was no burden at all.” He leaned back in his chair and described the exact same creature I saw, I felt chills. He told me he went out the next day where it run across the road and found huge prints, like a dog but way too big to be a dog. He decided against looking further into the woods and went back home.

A few nights later, he saw it again, only this time it was on his own property. He said it was right after sunset, so he could still somewhat see outside and went out back to get some fresh air and smoke his old pipe. He saw something he couldn’t identify. He told me it was sniffing around his truck at the driver side door, at this point it was on all fours, just sniffing like he was trying to find something that he already knew was there. Then the damndest thing happened, he said, that thing stood up on two legs and looked inside the truck with both front hands pressed against it! It stared inside for a minute or two and then walked on two legs to the bed of the truck. He said he was terrified that it would get tired of the truck and head towards the door but it never did. It seemed that it lost interest and went back into the woods.

The next time he saw this thing on his property it was standing in the trees, like it was watching something. My grandpa stared at it from his porch, not wanting to make any noise that would alert it to him. My grandpa said he knew that thing knew he was there though, it just didn’t care because it was too interested in whatever it was that it was watching.

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