High Strangeness In Pacific Northwest Bigfoot

From the High Strangeness podcast:

Ritchie recounted an expedition with Barb Shupe where they recorded video of something that appears to be cloaked like the alien hunter in the Predator movies. She talked about her encounter with a 13-ft tall Sasquatch, and suggested the color of the being makes it difficult to see with human eyes. Ritchie detailed her discovery of a portal which appeared as light beams suspended above the ground. A beach ball-sized orb entered the four rods of light, pulsed, then disappeared, she revealed. Ritchie suggested a connection between ET beings and the Sasquatch, noting things are coming and going out of this area all of the time. "I would say the Sasquatch were the entrance into a very big world that goes beyond them,".


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    1. What is this? No bigfoot? No bigfoot evience? No credible researchers? Disgusted. Not interested. Done.

    2. You've got one heck of a short memory, nerd.

    3. ^ and you have one futile cause to champion. All we're getting these days are blurry pictures with circles and faces drawn over them and stories. Lots and lots of STORIES.

      Here's the part where he pastes and copies old outdated and worn out examples of evidence which no one cared about then and even less now because it is inconclusive and proved nothing. But if he does -

      Not interested. Done.

    4. If the evidence I post remains unchallenged, however old it is, then that's your problem not mine. Take some responsibility you spoiled brat. It merely suggests that it's lasted the test of time, and the special pleading of innumerable lazy pseudosceptics like you. If there is forensic evidence from 20-30 years ago, then it merely shows that there is a steady flow of solid evidence over a duration from which amateur research began, generally encompassing the last 60 years. There is nothing in scientific theory that states that scientific evidence lessens the more it's substantiated over time. But I expect this embarrassing logic from someone like you.

      Eyewitness reports from every credible pillar of society, that are supported by forensic evidence... Are not mere stories. Repeatable scientific evidence, is the total opposite of inconclusive. And the only reason this evidence is not well known among more people, is because of the fringe nature of this subject, simple. Plus, there's nothing blurry about these photos;

      You've got one heck of a short memory, nerd.

    5. Wow, i am a believer and i must say that 6:22 really made Joe look like a fool.

    6. ^ Each and every item that you have put forth as "EVIDENCE"
      has been dismantaled & destroyed many,many,many times
      By .....THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS!!!

      GOOD OLE AC collins!

    7. Your anger doesn't help your cause Joerg. Perhaps you will get it one day.

    8. F-AC, you'll have no problem pasting it here where people can see it then?

      Crazy troll.

    9. I dont "cut&paste"!!

      AC collins. :-))

    10. So you're full of **** as per. Same as it ever was.

    11. ^ so you're full of sh*t if you don't cut&paste right?

      What a "CHUMP"!!
      Haaa haaa haa lol!!

      AC collins

    12. Nargh. You're full of **** if you make a claim and can't back it up. And someone with even a second rate education knows what a reference is.

    13. Pot calling kettle black for the 587th time,,

      My My it seems Iktomi is having another LAPSE of memory (sanity) or whatever.


      As always......:-))

      AC collins

    14. ^ nargh. nargh. nargh.!!

      Lol!! Haaa haaa haaa.

      SUCH A "CHUMP"!!!!!


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  3. I'm a finger sniffing cuckold who voted for Hillary because I'm a simpleton who pretends to be Bigfoot sceptic :(

    1. And just like that, the only black on this site who goes by MMC, reveals himself to be posting as "Resume".

    2. Wrongo simpleton

      FYI. Yo mama likes dark meat.

      And also your a wigger who can't wrap or rhyme


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