Deer Hunters Chased Off Property By Bigfoot

From Sasquatch Chronicles:

Spoke to the witness last night and the witness is still upset over the incident and rightly so. A listener writes “Wes, we were chased off the deer stand by two or more of these animals,after the chatter stopped,we could see them through the brush keeping up with the ATV, I would like to tell you my story”


  1. I guess bigfoot isn't as smart as Joe ikofitsgerald says he is. Everybody in the sticks knows the first offence calls for the sheriff. After you establish the "problem" you're allowed more leeway after you deal with the problem. Stupid bigfoot...

    1. The Evidence suggests Dogman. Dogman Evidence!

    2. Wow... Apart from the usual pleading for attention by Mr Quotaion Marks, did anyone actually understand what he was trying to spew?


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