Top 10 Potential Locations To Have A Bigfoot Sighting

Wanting to have a bigfoot sighting, but aren't sure where to go? Want to increase your odds by going somewhere that has a well documented history of sightings? Youtuber West Branch Grass Man put together this video of the top 10 sites to visit if you want to have a sasquatch encounter:


  1. This is a fairly decent list until number 8. It missed some spots up in Canada, though. And no, I'm not talking about that sylvanic BS.

    1. The only thing caught on film on this video was the field mouse @2:00 mark! Thought that was funny. Bigfoots-0 mouse-1

  2. Como se llama turd in la cocina?

  3. Why don't you just say the pacific northwest and ohio (ohio dont have sh@t).


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