Three Young Girls Have Life Changing Skunk Ape Encounter

From the youtube channel of Paranormal Weekly:

Join David Lauer as he narrates the story of three little girls in Palatka Florida That left them scarred for life


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    1. bigfoot is t he art of guessology

    2. we folk heers voting fer that thar Trummp fella caws hebe ans amurkin fer amurka

  2. says president 'painted a beautiful picture' but too many Americans 'can't find themselves in it'

    'Hillary's running for president to put everybody in the picture of America's future,' Bill Clinton said at the Virginia event early this evening.




    Emails on Hillary Clinton's secret server matched top secret documents virtually word for word and included details of CIA drone strikes against Islamic radicals...

    No Secrets - and always tell the TRUTH

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    1. I poop next to a tree to mark where I have been : )

  4. Iktomi recently had a life changing "man encounter" of his own.


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