The Dogman Is Real According To These Experts

Tales of werewolves date back for centuries, but are there really bi-pedal dogman creatures running around in the deep, dark forests, and other remote places? This group of experts claim the dogman is very real, and there's even proof of it existing.


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    1. So...where is the proof that is going to be shown ? ...that the title of this thread gives a person cause to believe there is going to be something more than a sequence of nonsense ?

      A 1 minute video is not proof.

  2. I believe in eating s hit straight from the turd cutter. I love a warm meal and it reminds me of my moms Sunday roast. Every Sunday my mom would take an enormous s hit and me and my siblings would feast on it.


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    1. Breaking news!

      Bigfoot speaks about his encounter with a human on CNN

    2. Today in my Russia the Gypsies come and steal my potatoes.
      Me and grandma chase them with fire but they hide in forest.

      We will find them and take their donkey bones.

      cheechy the village rapist.

  4. By "experts", do you mean people who aren't experts?

  5. Exactly, do you have spare change?

  6. Please make some intelligent. Comments here.are you people for real.common.bigfoot and dogman they exist.


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