High Strangeness Is A Common Occurrence In Mississippi

Strange creatures, mystery sounds, even turtles falling from the skies, who knew Mississippi was such a strange state? Here's a list of seven unexplained natural occurrences that have taken place in Mississippi:

1. An Unusual Hail Tale

On May 11, 1894, the city of Vicksburg was hit with a hail storm. While nothing about the storm itself was out of the ordinary, what fell from the sky was a different story. During the storm, a gopher turtle and block of alabaster, both encased in ice, plummeted to the earth and landed in Vicksburg.

2. The Singing River

According to legend, the Pascagoula River has quite an interesting past. Allegedly, the Pascagoula Indian tribe was in danger of being attacked by another tribe. Rather than accept this dire fate, the tribe chose mass suicide by way of drowning. So, the tribe marched into the Pascagoula River while singing a death song, which, according to many witnesses, can still be heard to this day. Even with the eerie legends surrounding the river, you have to admit, it's beautiful.

3. Richton’s Cattle Catastrophe

In the summer of 2015, a Richton farmer experienced a major loss – 33 of his animals were found dead. The animals, which included 23 cows, nine yearlings, and one bull, were apparently killed when a severe lightning storm came through the area. Ray Jordan, the owner of the animals, made the mysterious discovery when he went to check on them after the storm.

For the full list, click here.


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