Young Man Spots Shaggy Biped In South Carolina

BATESBURG-LEESVILLE, S.C. — A man claims he saw a large bipedal creature outside his home in Lexington County just outside of Batesburg-Leesville.

20-year-old Lewis told Cryptozoology News he was sitting on his front porch when the incident occurred.

“I was sitting alone. I saw movement in the tree line,” he said about the midnight encounter in the summer of 2011.

At first, explains Lewis, he believed the animal was probably a deer, but that “as it stepped out of the shadows”, he was able to see it clearly.

“It came into focus. I ran, inside searching for someone, anyone to see what I saw, and maybe even to find a gun if need be.”

The Batesburg resident says the sighting lasted about 5 minutes and described the creature as a 6-feet-tall “shaggy bipedal”.

“There is a local legend around the neighborhood about the ‘shaggy thing’. I never beleived it, but now im convinced. I’ve seen the shaggy thing,” said Lewis.

He did not present video or photographic evidence of the alleged incident.

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    1. If in your case, 2:49, a turd can be the main organ between your ears... Then anything's possible.

    2. Turds are real , trolls are real and so is bigfoot- deal with it bro


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