Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [12-31-2015]

Watch: Dubai skyscraper goes up in flames

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:
Watch: You probably don't want to do that

Watch: This tiger looks so incredibly fake

Watch: Willie Nelson before marijuana

Watch: Woman tries to hire hitman to kill her husband caught on video


  1. I am the anon who schooled joe.

    1. And we thank you for that. Just promise you will keep doing it on a daily basis. He got very angrry when you disected his posts point by point. You make us trolls proud.

    2. It's creepy how you ISF gays are so obsessed with Joe. I don't think J Randi and his husband would approve of your behavior.

    3. Nothing creepy about trolls dealing with an azzhole.

    4. Thanks 10:24. It was my pleasure. I do have a job and a family so engagements like that can not be everyday. But I will do my best to keep up the heat.

      10:52 I had to look up IFS when I first came here. I do not post there,never have never will. I could care less about James Randi. Know nothing of him and see no reason to learn more.

      As far as joe goes I just enjoy pointing out his deceptive behavior here. I really don't care about him/her. Its just a fun thing to do.

  2. Texas to start New Year with law allowing open carry of handguns
    TEXAS is on top of it

  3. BILL BROCK is our only hope in finding BIGFOOT in 2016
    BILL BROCK got the Skills and the Technology to get the JOB DONE !!!

  4. thar abein mo tham mazratz comin heers fer 2016 shure is

  5. Don't know much about Mulders World but in my world, Bigfoot is no longer a part of my life.


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