Skunk Apes: They Live In Trees

From the youtube channel of Sean Mark Lamb Lewis:

This short-form student documentary is a character study of a man who dedicated 40 years of his life to finding the skunk ape (bigfoot of the Florida Everglades). We had a crew of four, three months, and a $500 budget. We made two trips to the Everglades and camped there overnight. I used the Canon XH-A1 and split shooting with a crew member. We jointly edited the piece using Final Cut Pro. Great collaboration helped pull everything together and make it the superior piece (out of seven) of our documentary production class at Florida State University.


  1. And they perform sky burials. Just ask John W Jones Spoke,, aka Joe

    1. It's creepy how you ISF gays are so obsessed with Joe. I don't think J Randi and his husband would approve of your behavior.

    2. Approve of their behavior he wont
      unfortunate is the path of the trolls
      the dark side they chose
      fight them we must


  2. native american have known this for centuries, they live in the trees that is why I have always told researchers that contact me about hunting for them to look in the trees. we believe they live predominantly in the trees during the day and come
    down at night to forage. That is why we say they
    exist in the world between the land and the sky. this
    guy is on to something.

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