Judge Orders Bigfoot To Be Removed From Trial

From the youtube channel of The Bigfoot Conundrum:

A strange twist in the rigged lottery jackpot case tonight. The prosecutor asked the judge to bar any discussion of "Bigfoot" hunting at the upcoming trial. In a legal motion that is as strange as the elusive humanoid, Iowa prosecutor Rob Sand asked a judge Monday to bar any discussion of Bigfoot hunting at the upcoming trial of Eddie Tipton, the lottery official accused of fixing multiple jackpots. "The prejudicial effect could potentially be as strong as Sasquatch itself," Sand wrote. "Jurors could be incredulous. They could find it unusual enough that it outweighs other evidence in their mind."


  1. Well of course. Because bigfoot is not real.

  2. sometimes humans looking like BIGFOOTS so you thinking that's a Bigfoot in the bush but its just another human in the bush

  3. BILL BROCK needs to get back on the hunt for BIGFOOT and get the JOB DONE

  4. Let me get this straight. The judge ordered the guy's mom to leave the courtroom? Wow! Called her bigfoot? That's messed up.

  5. This makes the second official government acknowledgement of Bigfoot. The first being some army corps of engineer's stand up comedy routine from the 70s.

    1. What? Where the Army Corpse of Engineers spent $200,000 listing Sasquatch as a creature in the PNW, putting sightings on an atlas map that alluded to physical evidence and DNA studies... Even putting in satire at the expense of ignorant people like you who think "mythical creatures" shouldn't be in a government atlas?

      Comedy genius kid.

  6. This is a victory and I will paint my naked body with colored lines to celebrate


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