Maine Has Some Terrifying Urban Legends

Can you imagine, an old well at the back of a cemetery that's reportedly haunted. Some boys out trying to prove their bravado dare one another to be lowered down the well. Wait until you read what happened to the boy. These urban legends from Maine are some of the creepiest we've heard. 

1. The Sabattus Well Descent

According to this story, a group of teens dared a friend to be lowered into a well in Sabattus. The well, located at the back of a cemetery, was reported to be haunted but the young boy agreed to the challenge in order to impress the group. Sitting atop a rubber tire, the boy was lowered down into the well for many minutes before his friends could no longer see him. When they realized that there was no movement at the end of the rope, the boys pulled up their friend and found him very changed. The boy's hair had turned stark white, his entire body shook and he was unable to form coherent sentences. His laughter indicated that he had gone insane and his appearance was that of a very old man. The boy never came back from this state and is said to randomly scream from the windows of the county mental institution where he now lives.

2. The Monster Of Pocomoonshine Lake

This lake in Washington County has held stories of lake monsters for as long as any Mainer in the area can remember. Some have even reported seeing the snake-like beings along with the trails they leave behind when the come to and leave the lake. While there are no photos of the creatures, locals estimate them to be anywhere from 30 - 60 feet long and could date back as far as 1873.

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  1. Terrifying TURDS!!! priktomi took such a huge pile of turds to the face today!!


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