High School Student Claims To Have Seen An "Unidentified Primate" In Georgia

Kitty, a high school student from the Volunteer State, told Cryptozoology News on Friday that she was driving with her family through Georgia’s Great Smoky Mountains when she spotted the creature in the early evening.

“We were on my way to celebrate my birthday,” she said. “I was watching out the window when I saw a big, lumbering something in the woods.”

The student says the sighting took about 30 seconds and the animal was described as “tall and shaggy” with a “lumbering walk”.

“It had long arms and legs, and proportions like an ape’s. It was brown, and from what I could see, it was furry,” she explained. “It looked like an unidentified primate.”

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  2. The "Hey Bigfoot" footage shot in Georgia by a kid out of the back window of his house is the best bigfoot footage since the Patterson film.

    Who knows, this could be the same creature.


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