You Won't Believe What This Deer Did

While it's not uncommon to see deer this time of year in Rochester, NY, it isn't everyday you see an injured one walk into the emergency room at the local hospital. Clever deer, or just amazing coincidence? Either way, it didn't turn out well for the deer.

This time of the year, it’s not uncommon to spot deer in Rochester, New York.

But hospital workers received a surprise Monday afternoon when one limped into the emergency room, apparently severely injured from a car accident.

Officials say the deer managed to walk through the doors of Strong Memorial Hospital and make it about 20 feet down a hallway before being corralled by staff members .

At least one of its legs was broken, University of Rochester security told Time Warner Cable News.

“It's an extremely odd situation,” said Mark Fischer, chief of public safety. “I had to listen a little hard to my radio today when I heard a call about a deer in the emergency department, but you know, it's the time of year when they're running a lot and this one was pretty obviously struck by a car. It was in pretty bad shape, but still mobile enough to get inside the emergency department.”

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  1. Do you think that female Bigfoot shaves her butthole and maybe even bleaches it? It would get pretty s hitty round the turd cutter if she didn't.

    1. Well now that horrible smell associated with some sightings is starting to make more sense. Maybe the guys who have gifting sites should skip the Snickers bars and try some Neet and a razor.

    2. ^ can bigfoot manage the "Brazilian" style ?

    3. Turd boy is definitely a ISF footer as most of them are lying psychopaths.

  2. You won`t believe what this deer did says the headline.

    Guess what ? ...No I don`t !

  3. I live 30 min south of the roc deer are smart here and seem to lose there fear of humans more each year routinely lying on door steps when hurt badly

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